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I'm Ruqayyah Davis, the garment architect and fashion lover behind ReDpants Designs!


​ReDpants Designs was created to share my love and passion for sewing as a means to achieve a high-end, designer wardrobe.  My blog is a platform to share my love of the creative process of combining amazing fabrics, designs, and concepts to create something unique,  beautiful, and wearable.  I am not a self-proclaimed designer.  I am, however, a lover of fine fabrics, beautiful construction, and attention to detail...a GARMENT ARCHITECT, perhaps?   I love it when I have made something that is noteworthy and fits perfectly!

After I graduated from college I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin my career in the fashion retail industry. I worked as a retail buyer, buying and developing products for some of the largest retailers globally for over 20+ years. Between the time that I moved from Texas to the Bay Area, I taught myself to sew.  Sewing for me was innate.  I just needed that transitional summer to hone in on this hobby-turned passion.  Prior to sewing clothing, I sewed (by hand) when I was a little girl.  I made everything from sassy off-the-shoulder dresses for my Barbie dolls (out of old socks) and created a successful hair bow business.  Although I thoroughly enjoy shopping, nothing beats making your own!

My strengths are selecting fabrics and pairing them with the right design and pattern.  Fabric is often my first choice before I decide on a design.  I WILL TRAVEL for fabric!  I have been to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Argentina, and countless locations throughout the USA in pursuit of the perfect piece of fabric!

I am a mother of two very active little boys.  I have been married to my wonderful husband for over 18 years and my mom is my best friend.

Sewing is my passion and I am addicted!

PS...the "R" and "D" are capitalized...they are my initials (Ruqayyah Davis)!

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